Training and Services

Capacity building and training projects

We deliver capacity building projects nationally and internationally by carrying out needs assessments, developing and delivering wildlife crime investigation training for police and customs officers and park rangers, mentoring and providing advice, all tailored to meet your needs and requirements.


We offer information gathering services on the various wildlife trade markets from sources that includes internet based research of wildlife crime in online trade and assessment of physical marketplaces to identify; trends, volume trade, emerging markets, online marketplaces and traders.

Intelligence gathering and analysis

We provide support for open and closed source online wildlife crime operations by using a variety of techniques to produce high quality intelligence reports and advice.

Enforcement and Investigation

With over 40 years experience in the wildlife crime enforcement business we have expertise in police and customs procedures and in using the laws that protect wildlife, including;

We conduct wildlife crime investigations into specific targets in the UK and advise on International investigations.

We provide advice and advocacy to NGO’s on enforcement issues, such as legislation, enforcement procedures and engagement with enforcement agencies to pass on intelligence, discuss case files or actively assist investigations where legal parameters allow.

Crime prevention

We advise and assist in many areas of wildlife crime prevention; trader engagement and compliance, management of trader campaigns, local and national wildlife protection initiatives and policy development.

Animal Handling and welfare

  • import/export and transit of live animals,
  • animal handling including health and safety,
  • matters relating to I.A.T.A and animals travelling by air
  • expert identification of wildlife species, their parts and derivatives.

Previous Projects

Please check out the interactive map on Projects Portfolio page to see the organisations and type of work we have been involved with.

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