United Kingdom

2017 June – November, London:
Cybercrime Adessium Project.
On behalf of IFAW reviewed and amended the methodology and target species for the four counties involved; conducted the UK research on online marketplaces and social media platforms, analysed results and provided project support on species identification and enforcement issues.

2017 January – February, London:
Data Mining Project.
On behalf of New York University assisted with data mining tool development, jointly conducting comparative research into online marketplace sales of CITES Appendix I species.

2016 April – July, London:
Cybercrime Project.
Supported IFAW survey conducted by Kenyan based researchers focussing on online market places and social media advertising endangered species for sale in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Developed a methodology for research of social media, provided quality assurance of data recording and assessment of researchers results.

2015 July – September, London:
Data Mining Project.
Supported Kent University project by providing quality assurance for their data collection system designed to harvest specific species data from the internet.

2014 March – May, London:
Cybercrime Project.
Assisted in IFAW’s Wanted Dead or Alive investigation of the online wildlife trade by; carrying out the UK ivory research, identification of specimens for UK and the other participatory countries and providing advise on referrals to enforcement agencies.

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