2022 March – Paramaribo
IFAW Project Jaguar
Delivered multi-agency wildlife crime enforcement training.

October 2019 Suriname
IFAW Project Jaguar
MKWC undertook to produce a needs assessment for law enforcement in line with the ICCWC Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytical Toolkit and in particular for law enforcement training, on behalf of IFAW.

The assessment was carried out between the 19th and 25th of October with assistance from Mr Roy Ho Tsoi, Head of the Nature Conservation Division, through a series of interviews with key stakeholders, and others, in Suriname.

1. The Customs HQ in Nickerie.
National Conservation Division Game Wardens at the Nickerie customs
White throated toucans at animal traders warehouse ready for export.
Yellow foot tortoise carapaces in the Central Market Paramaribo.
Suriname Enforcement Training

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