Who we are

Charles MacKay

Provides Customs enforcement training around the world. Served for 36 years as a UK Customs officer. Established the first specialist UK unit dedicated to investigation of the illegal trade in endangered species.

Ian Knox

Specialises in wildlife crime investigation and training. Served with the Metropolitan Police for 30 years. Established and led the first UK police wildlife crime unit at Scotland Yard.

Animal Health and Welfare Specialist
Rob Quest Associate Trainer

For over 35 years Rob was an enforcement officer for the City of London Corporation. This work involved ensuring compliance with the import and transit of animals at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, the Border Inspection Post at Heathrow Airport, which he managed.

He was also responsible for the City of London Corporation’s Animal Health and Welfare team that carry out inspections for the licensing of animal related premises for over 35 local government organisations in London and the Southeast of England.

Rob has a detailed knowledge of EU Regulations and Directives 2017/625, 1/2005, 576/2013 (and related regulations and decisions) and 338/97 and their enforcement.

He provides professional guidance to I.A.T.A. and airlines on the care and handling of live animals

traveling by air.

Rob is a member of several regional and national government panels dealing with animal health and welfare and the regulations governing them as well as being a local government representative on several non-governmental groups.

Rob has been the training co-ordinator for the EU Commission’s training for government veterinary officers and customs officers on the movement of Dogs and Cats since its inception in 2012, and is a trainer on the Border Control Post course, which has taken him to BIPs and TPE’s in several E.U. Member States.

Rob has been responsible for the examination of exotic animals for veterinary inspectors and customs including handling, identification, checking for IATA infringements and care of seized animals. He also runs animal handling training workshops for police and customs, including some groups from EU countries.

Rob is also employed as a government Wildlife Inspector where most of the work is with EU CITES regulations, handling of animals, checking ring numbers/markings and the identification of species for customs and police.